Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Faces From the Past - Do you know these Kitts children?

UPDATE: August 20, 2014 The picture has found a direct descendant home. It's going to a the family of one of the twins of David Kitts. I have a quality scan on my computer if you wish to have a copy of this scan please contact me with your email and I will glad to send it.

You never know how far a blog post will go. I love this technology age. So much promise, so much bringing the world together.  Well here is a Friday Faces from the past post, for Geneabloggers.  I was contacted by Mary who read my blog post of John David Kitts. She has a photo she obtained in her travels of 3 beautiful little children a boy and two girls. The picture looks to be from the late 1800's early 1900's.  I never can date these photos. It's their clothes that look to be after the Civil War.

On the back is listed David Kitt's and it looks like "pets".

She asked if it could be from my line of the family. She is looking to return it to the family.  David is a common given name for the Kitts family but my great grandfather went by the name of John or Jack not his middle name David.

I really did not know. John David Kitts did travel to Charleston WV and take the oath to the United States after the Civil War. So he could have traveled to Huntington WV. But I doubted that.  So I took the picture and went on and taking the Huntington, WV clue did a search for a David Kitts in that area.

I found a David Kitts and his wife Margaret McCormick Kitts living in Lawrence County, Ohio. Lawrence County actually adjoins very close to Huntington, WV. This David A. Kitts was born on April 16, 1841, in Noble, Ohio. He married Margaret McCormick on August 7th, 1865, in Proctorville, Ohio. They had 14 children in 23 years. He died on June 28th, 1923 in Lawrence Ohio, at the age of 82, and was buried in Proctorville, Ohio. He was a former Civil War soldier.
David A. Kitts and Margaret McCormick Kitts of Ohio

In 1880, David Kitts was 42 years old and lived in Windsor, Ohio with his wife, Margaret, 3 sons; Charles age 8, William, age 2 and Oliver, age 1 month old, and 3 daughters; May, age 12, Florence, age 10 and Hattie, age 4. Could this picture be any of these children?  

Is this the David Kitts these children belong to or is there another David Kitts in the same timeline? I really don't know, but the family photos of David and his wife look like there are similarities. 
I message those responsible for the pictures on Ancestry to ask if maybe they have other photos for comparison. It would be nice to identify these children and get the photo back to the right family.  If you have Kitts who were near Huntington WV and have photos to compare, please contact me.