Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Magic Hot Chocolate Recipe ....Love it when the power goes out.

Ok ....I know...takes me forever to get a blog post up. Part my illness, part many things going on in my world. If I set down to write out everything that occurs instead of deal with them...I'd never get off the computer or I'd use precious energy needed for other endeavors. Almost finished with a couple of posts and new info to add to the Jenny Wiley endeavor. Plus maybe a guest author here.

Filling up the lamps, replacing or trimming the candles for next time. 
I hate doing that chore in the dark so we keep them READY!
BUT....the lights went out and the idea to share this recipe for my favorite cocoa popped in my head. We went without power last night. Happens all the time here and we are sort of use to it. Always a pain but I have lamps and candles and we heat by wood so it's not too inconvenient, except NO computer...for HOURS!! No.... I don't have a smart phone!! Nor the funds for one.

This time we had just fried chicken and getting ready to cream the potatoes for Sunday supper and out the lights went. Lumpy taters by candlelight. I just didn't want to pull out the hand know the one with the crank? YES, I still have one! We heated the rest of the dinner on the wood stove, but it was good.

After dinner we had instant cocoa using the kettle heated on the wood stove and I was wishing I had the ingredients for our Magic Cocoa Recipe.  I don't. That's a future wish list.

But since it's the holidays, it is cold and this recipe is always one I enjoy when I do have the ingredients, I thought I'd share it. It was shared with me probably about 15 years ago via my good friend Cathy. It's for adults!!! Children get the regular version of cocoa!!

When I make this I like to make the regular cocoa from scratch you find on the cans of dry powdered cocoa in the grocery store. I also like to use whole milk. Then add these extra ingredients. But these ingredients can also be added to instant cocoa or any version of cocoa you like to make.

It is made by the cup full.

You can make it light by teaspoons, or heavy by tablespoons, (that would be light on the cocoa!) either way it is good. If you have a nut allergy just omit the Amaretto. Just don't drink too much.

In your cocoa cup add:

1 teaspoon Amaretto (almond liquor)

1 teaspoon Irish Creme

1 teaspoon Kahlua or coffee/rum liquor

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Fill the rest of the cup with your hot cocoa and mix with a spoon. That's it. Enjoy. Just one of the simple pleasures to enjoy in the winter when the winds howl and snow piles up.  Stay WARM!!