Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking A Different Path

OK, so it's been a while since I have posted a thing on this blog.  Not that I have many readers. It's my own personal thang!  I have been much to busy outside of my personal sphere, i.e. work, to keep up with this blog.  That is getting ready to change. Sometimes in life you can choose to change things or life happens and it changes for you.  I love my job, obviously but it has been getting more stressful as the years roll on. I've been there 12 years now and have had about 6 new bosses in the last 4 of those 12 years. The job is not stressful. It's hard outdoor/indoor physical labor, is mentally and socially challenging but so rewarding. Not monetarily mind you, as it barely pays the bills. I'd be making more at probably McDonald's. No, I think more stress  arrives in the usual business/office politics than the work ever did. 
Now I also have to face it...I'm not a spring chicken anymore but I like to pretend I am. The last 5 years I have pushed ever harder and worked really long hours for Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum, in many many capacities, (I learned how to redesign a website, not great but it's there!) because to me it is personal. It is to tell the story of Native Americans in Appalachia. Of a time lost and a people forgotten and the Virginia Indians who are still here. My own people. This to me for 12 years has been worth my time, effort and energy even at the detriment of my pocketbook and health.   Well today a doctor informed me I have leaky heart valves and I need to change my ways. They can fix it but it will be a journey.

I don't know what this new life will look like, but I think I will use this blog to chart the journey.  I've been off work a few days and it's not been a vacation. I don't get those anymore and haven't in 3 years!  I return tomorrow and start anew. There are a few physical things I can't do any longer I know. They were hard before and now I know why!

I want to pick up the research again that is so desperately needed about American Indians in our area. Finish these projects I have. I just made the cutest pair of moccasins for a baby! I think I will post the how to's on line next blog. Share also about the people I know and people I've met through Wolf Creek. It's time .....Time to take a different path!! Stay tuned!!