Friday, June 28, 2013

The Fatigue of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In dealing with any illness it is the symptoms that make it worse. In this blog, coming up on July 4th, 2013, I have about 9 drafts of articles and each one I have quite a bit of material for. With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (what they ended up giving me as a diagnosis when I didn't recover from the virus's I had), and heart problems, the worst part is having the energy to put together those ideas while being so tired.  When you are tired the brain fog takes over and so I have to work when my mind is not as tired or the articles won't make sense. Even to me.

I went to my doctor's this week and his frustration is the same as mine. There is no cause for Fibromyalgia nor CFS and thus no cure. All he can do is treat symptoms and those can change on a daily basis. What is the connection to the two diseases or to tick diseases? I was diagnosis with Fibro years ago and laughed at it. I thought it was more my working 2 jobs, while going to school full time with 2 kids and a disabled husband as the cause of aches and tiredness. Worked for years with it before developing full blown Chronic Fatigue Syndrome two years ago.

But research on these illnesses are coming out. Some hope comes through in articles like this: Cause for Fibromyalgia mystery solved. Vascular... imagine that as a possible cause. We have hope that one day the causes and cures will be found. In the meantime I juggle symptoms while trying to live some kind of a normal life.

So I thought I'd list some of the articles I'm working on. My last one...thank goodness I had been working on for a while. Ya'll tell me if this blog gets too disjointed and doesn't make sense. Be my editors so to speak.
Articles In Process:
Jenny Wiley story - Jenny Wiley was a woman who was captured by Indians in 1789 in Bland County, Virginia and taken to Kentucky. Quite a famous case in our area. I was working on that research when I became ill. I am still working on it but writing as I go. It will take a while to get that post up because there are some loose ends and it depends on my brain as to whether what I find makes sense but I am getting there. What I'm learning so far is the official story is a bit flawed and I have to verify those flaws.

Ned Sizemore Clan- You are Native but You Can't Claim That Tribe -  Many folks in my area are kin to Ned Sizemore who was a Native American out of North Carolina. His family applied to claim on several different rolls for benefits and recognition. Each one was quite odd in that none of the commissioners denied they were Native, they just denied them rights of each tribe they said they belong to. A new Melungeon DNA project proves their Native blood line. I'm working on that article to discuss the problems with Native American Appalachian Ancestry and trying to have a connection or recognize that. This one may be two articles. I am toying with that.

Search for Grand Dad's Music. This is the story of my Grandfather Wesley Bane Boyles who was a member of the West Virginia Coon Hunters. A band that played at the infamous Bristol sessions in 1927. The Birth of Country Music. This one is about finished and will be posted first. Mainly because I wrote most of it for the family years ago.

Moonshine Beneath the Pale Moon Light-  Story of moonshiners in my family gathered from news articles and oral history.  I'm trying to record the song Copper Kettle (kind of the family anthem) the way my grandfather taught me. But the old mountain dulcimer won't stay in tune. And these days I sound like a bathtub baritone, great sounding under water!!

Outhouse Stories- Build it Down Wind of the House, Boys -  This one is a further take on the outhouse in Appalachia. With stories gathered from family and friends of their experiences with having to use an outhouse.

Places in our area. Different events places I visit. Have a couple of those in the works. Have to promote our AREA!!

And many, many more.  But I am tired this week. The illness is beating me up pretty good. So I will quit for now. Some have asked why I don't write a book....well I am doing that too... a novel...began years ago.

But I don't know what the future holds. This illness has thrown me for a loop.  It is more important for me if we are going to dispel the myths about Appalachia than Appalachian people are going to have to tell their stories. This is just my family and mine. There are so many good Appalachian bloggers. I really enjoy +Dave Tabler blog, +Gary Holbrook website and Granny Sue the storyteller and antique hunter. Please spread the word and subscribe to all of us. And if you have one about Appalachia let me know. I want to do a list on the side bar to promote that too. Blessings to all.