Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas 2017, Dollhouses, Appalachian Heartwood Blog Update

Those that follow this blog KNOW I don't blog often. Too sick to keep up with so much. So I prioritize the old life. Blog posts are not priority but I try. So much to update on. Finally figured out how to get my anti virus to not interfere with my blog.  It was a new development that took a couple of weeks to figure out.

First, dealing with Meniere's disease on top of CFS. Going deaf basically. It's OK...I'm learning important sign language to teach my family when I go sign for, "Do you want some wine?"

Here's the way I look at all this illness. I was of the generation that didn't believe we were going to live past 30.  Believe me, I tried not to. I worked hard and played hard. It's amazing I've made it through so many crazy things in my life through the years anyway. So now, that I am the age I am...HEY, every day is another gift regardless of what is wrong with the old body.  Just sometimes the juggling of symptoms gets in the way of all I want to do before I do check out of this old world.

Regardless of what is going on in this old world, and it's pretty messed up at the moment, every day you open your eyes is a day to get it right. What is past is gone. What we write and do on this day is up to us to do the best we can. If we do our best, that's all that can be expected. Things we can't change, just change the way we think about them to deal with them better. Keep on going. I woke up gift ever!

So what have I been doing with my time? Well my last post, I sent pictures of grand dad to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. Now that I'm back on the blog and figured out what was interfering with it, I need to review my pictures here and add they are now their property but I have permission to use digital copies of them. I still heat with wood, an environment not good for pictures and I had this fear they could be lost forever if I didn't find a safe place for them.

My daughter took me to an opening of their movie they are trying to promote the birth of country music. I rely on my family a LOT.
I went to meet a couple of cousins on my father's side. I'm going to be working on the Stevenson's of Tazewell County this winter. Got a copy of my GREAT GREAT grandmother's Bible to share. Whoo HOO! That's a separate post for sure.

Then since May, I've been working on a project for my G baby. A dollhouse. My daughter had one when she was young that we lost possession of through the years. She always wanted her daughters to experience that. Now there is only one daughter left in the house and I got a burr up my butt to make sure she has that experience. So I worked with my grand daughter on this house, all summer. Tried to get it finished for her birthday in October....that didn't happen. As a matter of fact, we just finished it last week.  It's a dollhouse kit and a kit for furniture, but I added a lot of personal touches. The door knobs are from an old broken carnival glass necklace that once belonged to Aunt Florence. Same Aunt that when a missionary proclaimed, "We are coming to save the Appalachian, people!" and she asked, "From what?"

Lace from her Great Aunt's lace materials that we made her wedding dress from are embossing the bed. Just all kinds of things like that. Grand daughter picked the colors and wall paper, etc.  I'm not rich, so we made a lot of things like the newel posts out of stuff I had laying around here. The ceiling lights are out of old wooden beads and the bottoms of a Gatorade, vegetable oil bottles and an old chain necklace.  Living in the land of Lilliput. Grateful for a grand daughter with lots of energy and nimble hands!

I'm pleased with how it turned out. Sent it home with g baby with a bottle of glue to fix what breaks and to finish up adding what she wants to it. I really like this craft. When I'm sick, it's small and I can fiddle with things sitting up in bed with a tray on my lap. Got another kit for my birthday but this time it will take even longer...unless I can con my G baby to help with that one too. 

So that's my update. Hopefully winter will allow me to have more downtime that I can spend on the blog.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas or whatever you choose to celebrate. I don't get hung up on what folks say around this time of year! WHO CARES! As long as we are being wished well!! 

I have to relate this story. I was going through the checkout line at the store the other day. When the cashier gave me my change, I said, "I hope you have a great holiday." The lady in line next to me, said "It's have a Merry Christmas!"  And the cashier agreed said, "That's right!"  I asked them both, "What if I'm Jewish, like Jesus?" The look of shock and then shame was apparent. I said, "Wishing one well, should not be based on if you are a Christian or not," and I walked off.  I thought we were over this issue the last couple of years. Obviously, not everyone got the memo.  NOTE: If you are walking around with a chip on your shoulder on how people wish us well at this holiday season, you are not very Christian, AT ALL!  You are creating the war on Christmas. Be grateful and LET IT GO!! God's got this.  Blessings, Peace and LOVE this holiday season.