Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jenny Wiley - The DNA Way

So much going on in my world. Old Blog is suffering.  My son is very ill. His illness is as weird as mine and wondering if it might be environmental. Asking for prayers as he is much too young for this to be hindering him in life. It's taking many doctor's visits to sort out. He hasn't beat my record of eight doctors yet but getting there. My man Ed has also had his brush with hospitals and doctors. That's kept us busy.

Then my FAVORITE website, Native Heritage Project, that includes Eastern Native American history research, posted a link to my blog about my Jenny Wiley posts. Link to the article click here. That made my week!! I've spent hours reading the posts on that website. For anyone interested in the uncovering of records, stories, DNA on so many different tribes that existed in the East it is the most valuable website for the information being compiled on one site.
My Ed hears so much about Jenny Wiley from this obsessed woman. While in Ceres I took a picture
and he had this sign he made, "Ginny Wiley slept here!" Such a kidder!!

The Native Heritage Project post is an awesome post!! Roberta goes into detail about DNA requirements in the Jenny Wiley research in proving the connections between the families claiming Native heritage!!! I'm sending that link on to anyone in the groups that are working on researching the Jenny Wiley saga. I expect in the next few years the true story of Jenny Wiley will come to light.  I am excited about that!

One I have in the bottom of my box
Not the best example but I keep giving away all the good ones.
I also ventured out. I volunteered some time to show corn husk doll making for Ceres Day in Ceres, Virginia. Many of my ancestors were from around Ceres. I haven't demonstrated in over 3 years since this illness hit me full force. I learned a bit about this illness and myself. Was a bit scary. My hands gave out and just quit working on me. When you are use to just doing what needs to be done and your body quits...just quits's unnerving!! I had to stop when I didn't want to and was very frustrated with the unreliability of my body.

As a matter of fact that is the most depressing, aggravating thing that pisses me off about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME.  Does not matter what you think in your mind you can do, it does not work that way over your body with this illness. That is why it is alarming and scary.  I've always believed in mind over matter. My mind says, "We will do this today". My body says, "You wish!" Things you want to do, family outings, projects all suffer because of this illness.  I am unreliable to myself, much less to others and don't want to be.

But still it was a good day. I learned I will have to rest more, compensate more and just do what I can do. When the old body quits, so do I. Thankful I was volunteering and not being paid for the service as they would not have got their money's worth!!  I came home and crashed for 5 hours. The fatigue of Chronic Fatigue.

I took pictures at the last of the event. Sorry I don't have pictures of any of my demonstration. I am looking into making a video with various corn husk projects. I was introduced to this craft when I was very young. My great grandmother and my mother giving us something to do by playing with corn husks after shucking corn. Over the years I've developed to make hats, mats, baskets, dolls and bags out of the material.  By making a video I can share what I've learned and only have to demonstrate it once. If the old hands quit you can turn off the video and start it back up after a long rest.

That's a plan for the future.....something to look forward to. Hope all is well in everyone's world.