Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gone Fishing! Can't Wait to See This!

So much has happened in my little world. Going to take a couple of blog posts just to catch up on the most recent news, much less catch up to the drafts on hold.

Was contacted through my blog about my picture of the West Virginia Coon Hunters in my POST about my grandfather.
West Virginia Coon Hunters 1927, Standing Left to Right Fred Belcher, Clyde Meadows, Jim Brown, Vernal Vest Seated Left to Right: Dutch Stewart, Wesley "Bane" Boyles, Regal Mooney, Fred Pendleton, Joe Stephens.

Bass Pro Shops is building a new store in Bristol, TN.  For a link to a recent news story CLICK HERE. It is going to be QUITE a store!! They want to put up a tribute to the Bristol Sessions and asked me if they could use a scan of my photo.  I said, YES.

If my grandfather and his brothers were still alive, they would have been in seventh heaven in a Bass Pro Shop. They all hunted, which included coon hunting, but they LOVED fishing.
Granddaddy Wesley Bane Boyles died in a lawn chair on Wolf Creek fishing!

His brother David Brown Boyles' epitaph on his grave stone in Eden, NC says, "Gone Fishing". Plus any event to share and honor the stories of others who were at the Bristol sessions and helped give birth to country music, I am glad to oblige.

I don't know if I will make it down to Bristol to see the display, but I have a few friends down that way I hope will take a few photos for me. If any of my readers get to visit and see it send me a picture please. Hope all is well in Appalachia and the world today for you.