Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Appalachian Heart Wood Family Reunions & KEEP GOING!!

Just an update to let folks know I haven't forgotten what I'm working on. I have the motivation, desire and ability....just not the health to get accomplished all that I want. That fact slaps me upside the head every day.

The Civil War tales are on going. The Indian stories too. I have many article ideas but also winter coming on and my "barn" which is what I call my house, needs some repairs before that.  I am unable to do those in my shape but it takes quite an effort just to get help.  Then my son's illness....YES.... that is a big one!!!  Thrown this family for a loop. We are scrambling to get him help for this illness and from time to time I will be posting things for sale I'm making to help with costs.

We all got troubles, each in our own way, I juggle mine too. I hope my readers will hang in there and my stories are worth reading. That makes my day.   Next rainy day will get the first of the family Civil War tales finished. I was informed by a relative that the hand salute given by Confederate heritage groups that looks like a Hitler salute is actually an old version of how they saluted before or during the Civil War. Really? Never heard that one and I've seen pictures of soldiers saluting in the Civil War and that wasn't the salute they used. But honestly, I really don't know my history of salutes but even if it's true, well then Hitler took over many symbols and ruined them. The four directions of the Mississippian Native American groups looks just like the German Swaztika.  Means in my mind, we need to create new ones and not use ones related to so much death, destruction and racism. Some would say we need to reclaim them. I don't think you can as what happened under them was so horrific and I still don't see that as honoring my ancestors.

Had a family reunion this past weekend. I love family reunions! In the old days in Appalachia I remember they would be get togethers at someone's farm. More of an extended Sunday dinner, that moved to the yard. Usually happened when family came in from out of town, normally someone we didn't see much and everyone would come visit where ever they were. Some would bring extra food and some wouldn't. If you didn't you were looked down on.  Now days it's a set date, a set place and they are really popular in these mountains.

We have not had ours for a time because I was so very ill. I am still recovering from that adventure, but thanks to my sister, brother and daughter we pulled it together. Not as well as in the past but it happened!!! My mother always said she preferred seeing relatives at a reunion rather than a funeral.  My mother, my Aunt Marie and myself would host them every year. Both my mother and aunt Marie, are gone as is everyone in this family photo but one!

My aunt Marie, well she's just missing, no one knows where! Seriously. I've not seen her since about 2003 when she left her husband, dropped off the family pictures and moved to Vegas at nearly 80 years old. Someone said they thought she moved to Mexico!  Thought of writing a blog post about that. She's not showing up in the death index of Social Security and about every six months I check.  Last known addresses, new addresses, she was in Vegas, and California for a time to Arizona. Last time I tracked her down and talked to her she was in Arizona, about 2006 or 2007, but I think in bad shape physically, that address and phone numbers are disconnected.

Every time I get an address I send Christmas cards and letters. I've even called close neighbors of last known addresses.....we live in a world now days that most people don't know their neighbors!!! Sometimes the letters are not returned most times they are.  No one has heard from her here nor heard from her children. It's funny how you can lose contact with family.  She is my Grandfather Bane's baby sister and one of my favorite Aunts of all time. I miss her and every reunion I really miss her. We had fun planning these things. Plus she was an artist and taught me how to do bead work and make beaded earrings.

The good news is the younger generation is stepping up to help continue the reunion tradition. YAY!!! Our first one was in 1986. The pictures are precious because so many are now gone but we meet new family members every year. Now I'm watching the younger generation grow up and my generation are the "OLD ONES". That's funny!!!

As our hearts beat, their hearts beat!