Saturday, August 30, 2014

Appalachian Summers Bout Gone!

The writers of blogs say you have to put something up often. At least once a week. OK...I'm going to do my best to try, but I am promising NOTHING. I'll try simple things. Like pictures.

Went to another family reunion this weekend. They are wearing me out!  Traveled nearly a hundred mile, round trip and hit only one red light.  The only one in Bland County, because they are fixing a bridge. It's probably why I have such a hard time in a city.  I go for days never seeing a red light! You almost get excited when you see one. I did and took a picture of it!

Our one and only red light.
North Side of Big Walker Mountain, Route 52 Bland County, VA
Farm outside of Rural Retreat, VA
We travel the back roads instead of the interstate. Very rarely do we deal with red lights. Stop signs, yes, but not so much red lights. I love living in the country. So I thought I'd just share pictures from that trip today until I find that one particular, VERY interesting paper I have here somewhere, that just is perfect for my next post I'm working on. In the meantime enjoy pictures.

Along the fence. In the valley the clouds look so high up.

You see Joe Pye like this (the purple tops) Fall is not far behind.

Wanted to wade through those weeds and get me an apple. It was hot and I was a wimp. I hate chiggers and ticks.
Now that's a full grown Pokeweed plant.
Close up of Pokeweed. 

We call this Indian Paintbrush.
A Monarch among the Iron Weed. 
That is my quick post. Took me an HOUR!! Oh to have my health back. But I DID IT!! Whoo HOO!!! All have a GREAT week.