Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 2015 Appalachian Heartwood Summer UPDATE

I apologize to the readers of this blog for not publishing often. I'm almost finished with the rest of the Rabbit Martin saga and hope to have it finished very soon. It's summer and so much going on in this world of mine. From family reunions to extra doctors appointments for my son and myself, to repairs to the old house. Add the limited energy of a disabled person and there ya go! I use up my energy on all these other time consuming events going on at once. Time slips away from me while dealing with chronic aches and pains. I've over work myself and pay for it. When I over work my body, the old brain won't work to write, or read, so I don't try to.
Meeting the newest family
member at a reunion.

I do what I can do and let the REST GO! But I wanted to let you know we are still here.  I will publish the rest of the Rabbit Martin story very soon.

In the meantime, I'm overjoyed that Ancestry.com has the birth and death records from Virginia on line. I've already replaced copies of records that were taken at a family reunion over 20 years ago.  Here's a tip, if you bring your research to the family reunion, bring copies of your originals and leave the originals at HOME. It is too tempting to family members or they forget whose is what and make a mistake by taking them home. It's better to share than lament missing records. Hard lesson but I learned. With the records now on line I've already found SO MUCH about my family I didn't know. Such as my great, great grandfather Pierce Waddell died of an accidental shotgun wound. I don't remember anyone talking about that AT ALL!!  EVER. No family members I've queried alive today knows or has heard the story either. I'm hoping to find maybe a news article on it later.

So kudos to Ancestry for this one. So much of our family story is opened for new research and these records definitely add to our history.  Until next time. Blessings.