Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bristol Sessions 90th Anniversary - Born In Bristol

I'm so lax with this blog. I'd probably have a lot more followers if I'd post more. Ah...what the heck! It's for at my pleasure really. Just something to keep me going and hopefully entertain a few. So forgive me reader if I'm not prolific at blog posting.

West Virginia Coon Hunters
 Grand dad Bane front left
This week coming up is the 90th Anniversary of the Bristol Sessions. Called the "BIG BANG" of country music. I've been invited to see a premiere of a documentary entitled, "Born In Bristol". My daughter and I are traveling to Bristol to see it. The Birthplace of Country Music is putting this show on for the anniversary. Looking forward to it. I'm also donating some family photos of my grandfather Wesley Bane Boyles. My copy of the original West Virginia Coon Hunters, etc. I've been assured I can still use copies of them. Better be..they are all over this blog but the originals need a safer home now.

I was thinking about how Appalachia has given so much to this nation and the world. Country music and blue grass music would not be country and blue grass music if they hadn't recorded these sessions. Country music artist consider the Bristol Sessions, "the Bible".  Grand dad would be tickled about all this attention.

My dad used to say that Appalachia was the backbone of the U.S.  We carried so much of this country and help build this country, in the background, most folks don't realize.  They always tried to break our back but we are still way too strong. We still sing about it all.

So it's going to be an interesting evening. They are having several showings if you are around Bristol, TN this month. Here us the link for the museum. Born In Bristol via Birthplace of Country Music site

Born in Bristol - Trailer - Audio Mix 2 from Chusy on Vimeo.