Monday, October 24, 2016

War On Coal Proponents Confuse the HECK out of ME!!

This War on Coal/Friends of Coal crap and the fight against the EPA confuses the heck out of me. I guess because what they are preaching ain't the truth. Just a bunch of companies that have some vested interest in what's left in the ground trying to get to it and take advantage of us again.

I don't understand it. We lived this and this wonderful life in coal is BS. It was feast or famine when it was good!! Maybe for a few they got something out of it, but it was terrible as steady employment. Never was enough employment for everyone. Sharing a link for a brief history lesson!!! Sounds real familiar that nothing has changed. Even though we got some of the severance taxes implemented by some states, it was too little, too late and they kept dickering with it...they didn't pay what they should have. Those severance taxes should have been retroactive. Still cost us more to have that coal dug just in the bad health we suffer from it.

PAST time to diversify the economy. Just diversify. Stop putting all our eggs in a coal bucket and burying us for the coal. Below is part one of a two part series. Here is the link for both Appalachia: Poor People, Rich Land #WaronCoal #AppalachianHistory

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